Too tall to overlook

With our three-meter tall children’s rights figures, we present the rights of the little ones in a huge way and want to ensure that they are seen and not forgotten.

The figures have already been exhibited many times. Our highlights include exhibitions at the Parliament in Vienna and at the United Nations in Vienna and Geneva. In the course of the presentations, we had the opportunity to discuss children’s rights with the Federal President and talk about their importance and significance.

Die Figuren wurden bereits viele Male ausgestellt. Zu unseren Highlights zählen Ausstellungen im Parlament in Wien sowie in den Vereinten Nationen in Wien und Genf.  Im Zuge der Präsentationen hatten wir die Möglichkeit, uns mit dem Bundespräsidenten über die Kinderrechte auszutauschen und über ihre Wichtigkeit und Bedeutsamkeit zu sprechen.

Our goal

Children taller than they really are because of their height – seemed to us in a joint discussion at one of our all-day workshops a brilliant way to make adults aware of the non-compliance with many children’s rights worldwide.
Due to their imposing size, the figures cannot be overlooked and are also an object of art.
The young people could not estimate how much time it would take…so the whole project was an individual “creation” according to the motto: The journey is the reward!
Creativity and individuality were at the top of the list.
Once completed, the figures will now be set up in public places, museums, city festivals and schools to bring children and young people closer to the topic of children’s rights and at the same time draw attention to the grievances worldwide.
A total of “10 giant children” were created, each representing the 10 basic rights of the Convention on the Rights of the Child. The figures are approx. 2.70 m high and are intended to serve as advertising pillars on which facts about the relevant children’s rights can be discovered and read. They are eye-catching, but on closer inspection they are also thought-provoking.
The next goal will be to display the figures as often as possible and to find people who are open-minded and would like to put up all 10 figures so that we can all draw attention to children’s rights together! 

In conclusion, it can be said: Our children’s rights figures have a very clear mission: to tell people about UN children’s rights.
Because… too few people know about them!


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