The animal world has finally had enough!


They no longer want to stand by and watch humans destroy their habitats. That’s why the animals are holding a conference to save their ecosystems. They meet to consider together what possibilities there are to take action against the miserable conditions in the world.


Join the animals at this important conference!


At an important conference in New York 2015 years ago, 17 solutions to the world’s problems were agreed, which all countries actually want to implement by 2030. (Sustainable Development Goals = SDG)
They promised to end poverty and hunger and fight against inequalities, to ensure a good and healthy life for all, to respect the earth by fighting climate change, to care for peace and to work together as partners. People keep talking about these great solutions, but somehow not much has changed!


But what about nature? The animals and plants? Don’t people share responsibility for our planet? The latest United Nations report on the “Sustainable Development Goals” clearly shows that sustainability is not yet in sight when it comes to preserving ecosystems. Many species are still threatened with extinction. Humans have such great abilities: They can think, speak, read, write, calculate, walk, fly, dive….


But what do they do? They produce waste. They waste food. They want to earn more and more money. And worst of all: have they forgotten about other living beings? It can’t go on like this! So the animals of all habitats decide to hold their own conference to save the world. They want to meet and consider what options there are for taking action against the miserable conditions in the world. And for this they need important ambassadors: the human children. A musical cannot change the world… but it can certainly change our perception of the world and thus influence our actions.

Target group

Elementary school classes (3rd & 4th grade) and lower school classes (1st – 4th grade)

What we convey

With our musical WAARITAANKA, we familiarize pupils with the content of the UN’s Global Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the topic of biodiversity in a creative way far away from the classroom, while at the same time supporting educators in their educational mission.

This musical has been designated a school-related event.

Termine & Ort

17. Juni 2024 (9:30 Uhr, 14:30 Uhr & 19:00 Uhr) 

18. Juni 2024 (9:30 Uhr & 14:30 Uhr) 

19. Juni 2024 (9:30 Uhr & 14:30 Uhr) 

20. Juni 2024 (9:30 Uhr & 14:30 Uhr) 


All unsere Aufführungen finden im Kulturhaus in Dornbirn statt.

Contact persons

Nicole Kantner und Antonella Oyhenart




M +43 664/2080 451


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