Youth Ambassadors for UN Children's Rights & SDG

Our group is as diverse as the interests we pursue as youth ambassadors. Whether it’s installing a toilet on the market square in Dornbirn, building 3-metre high giant children’s figures, working on workshops on every conceivable topic, discussing monthly hygiene at the UN in New York, baking 300 kg of organic cookies, having breakfast with the Austrian Federal President or sleeping in a tent at -7°C. We certainly won’t be bored! Because before we just let ourselves be talked at in conversations, we take action. And it doesn’t matter how old we are. Because if we don’t act now, when will we? Why wait until we are older? Until we grow up and are listened to? Why let our ideas gather dust in the back of our minds when we could put them into practice. We want something to change. We don’t just want to “talk”, we also want to “do something”. That’s why our motto is: “LABER NET! TUA WHAT!”


We design and lead our own #workshops. We write #musicals, rehearse them and perform them. We organize various #events, create #exhibitions and carry out #projects in Vorarlberg (in the Ländle) and internationally. Below you will find an overview of our work.

What we do



The animal world has finally had enough!
They no longer want to stand by and watch humans destroy their habitats.
That’s why the animals are holding a conference to save their ecosystems.
They meet to consider together what possibilities there are to take action against the miserable conditions in the world.
Join the animals at this important conference!


The largest lesson of the world

We are surrounded by warnings that could not be clearer! Bees and butterflies are dying out… glaciers are melting and algae are blooming… some people are dying from the consequences of obesity, while countless others are starving… climate change, wars, waves of refugees – these are all warnings that could not be any clearer! The UN’s Global Goals for Sustainable Development are intended to shake us people from civil society awake so that the next generations will also find a planet worth living on! But to achieve this, you first have to understand these 17 goals, which are subordinated to 169 additional sub-goals!


The Youth Ambassadors for UN Children’s Rights & SDGs have set themselves the task of raising awareness of the Sustainable Development Goals in a variety of ways. The call here applies in particular to their own and future generations.


The contents of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) are presented and explained in a versatile and visually appealing way using 10 cuboids (1x1x2m).


Too tall to overlook

With our three-meter tall children’s rights figures, we present the rights of the little ones in a huge way and want to ensure that they are seen and not forgotten.

The figures have already been exhibited many times. Our highlights include exhibitions at the Parliament in Vienna and at the United Nations in Vienna and Geneva. In the course of these presentations, we had the opportunity to discuss children’s rights with the Federal President and talk about their importance.


SDG workshop

Our workshop “The laziest sock is part of the solution” brings the sustainability goals closer in a simple and understandable way. Appropriate materials are used depending on the age of the participants. Basic terms in connection with the SDGs, such as “sustainability” or “UN”, are clarified and the connection between economy, ecology and social issues is discussed. In the end, it is important to recognize that EVERYONE can and MUST contribute to successful implementation and that we can only make the world a better place together.

UN children's rights

In many countries, children’s rights unfortunately only exist on paper. However, there is a severe lack of implementation. We Youth Ambassadors raise our voices for disadvantaged children and young people all over the world.

Our work and approach is very much geared towards our interests and naturally takes school commitments and activities into account.

Sustainable Development Goals (SDG)

The “17 Sustainable Development Goals” came into force on January 1, 2016 with the aim of ensuring sustainable development at an economic, social and ecological level worldwide.

These 17 political objectives (+ 169 sub-goals) of the United Nations are to be implemented by 2030. In German-speaking countries, these are also known as the “Agenda 2030”.

The Youth Ambassadors have also been working on the SDGs for years.


Our projects and workshops are as varied as our members are diverse. We are 30 young people from all over Vorarlberg who believe that not only the future belongs to young people, but also the present. We Youth Ambassadors for UN Children’s Rights and SDGs discuss with each other how we can realize the issues we are passionate about so that they are not just on paper. We turn ideas into projects, organize workshops, draw attention to important issues and meet with experts for new input. We want to help shape our present and future. Because waiting until people listen to us and we are “grown up enough” (are we ever?) is not our thing!

It all started in 2013 with ten children who were primarily dedicated to UN children’s rights. Over time, we not only got older, but more and more young people joined us. In addition to workshops for schools, we created giant children’s rights figures, musicals, photo exhibitions, a children’s book and projects with young Ethiopians. Children’s rights were joined by the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and many other ideas and topics.

Ailila Danova

Jubo since 2023

… me in five words:

self-confident, curious, determined, optimistic, solution-oriented


… why a Jubo:

to turn my dreams and ideas for a better world into reality.


… coolest Jubo action/moment/project:

meeting with the Federal President


… my biggest strength: plan & implement


… I can’t do without that: good mood


… Feel-good place: the Greek sea


… Greatest passion: explore new things


… favorite SDG: 

4 Quality Education


… Favorite UN children’s right: 

Right to education


… the future? 

is created in the present!

Alex Amann (all pronouns)​

Jubo since 2018

… me in five words:

curious, relaxed, independent, open to discussion, open-minded


… why a Jubo:

because it offers the opportunity to actually do something and not just talk.


… coolest Jubo action/moment/project:

Children’s rights committee in Geneva, “Solve It” musical & charity table tennis tournament


… my biggest strength: Preserve hope


… I can’t do without that: my siblings


… Feel-good place: at home


… Greatest passion: learn new things


… favorite SDG: 

4 Quality Education


… Favorite UN children’s right: 

Right to freedom of expression


… the future? 

starts today

Ana-Lucia Natter (she/her)

Jubo since 2021

… me in five words:

reserved, inquisitive, emotional, determined, honest


… why a Jubo:

Every action, no matter how small, can make a difference.


… coolest Jubo action/moment/project:

paint the world map at Sparkassenplatz


… my biggest strength: Compassion


… I can’t do without that: Rest


… Feel-good place: my room


… Greatest passion: learn new things


… favorite SDG: 

3 Good health and Well-being


… Favorite UN children’s right: 

Right to play, culture and arts


… the future? 

It’s not lost yet!

Children's ambassadors

The children’s ambassadors are the successors to the youth ambassadors. All participants are between the ages of 8 and 14.

Want to create your own workshop?

We help you!

Be it with workshop materials, knowledge or creative input.
Write us an e-mail or give us a call!

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One night

Wednesday, 1 pm. Grey and white tents gather on the market square in Dornbirn, along with more and more people wearing FFP2 masks and keeping

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Your turn: buy less, choose well!

Plastic, a topic that is now the subject of critical debate, that accompanies us through our everyday lives and that also plays an important role in the Sustainable Development Goals – especially in SDG 12 “Sustainable consumption and production” and SDG 14 “Life below water”.

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from Vorarlberg are committed to a better future.


were raised for our own projects in Ethiopia.


were at the performances of our musicals.

We are always looking forward to new comrades-in-arms, lateral thinkers, friends and ambassadors!

Nico Kantner

Project coordination


In addition to the Vorarlberg KiJa (Children’s and Youth Advocacy Office) and the Children’s Rights Network, the state of Vorarlberg is also a partner. We are also involved in the “Safe Places” initiative, which calls for the introduction of child protection guidelines in organizations.

The PROCS partner project in Ethiopia, which takes working children and young people off the streets and gives them better opportunities for the future, is particularly important to us.

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