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With the two protest camps on Dornbirn’s market square, we drew attention to the inhumane conditions for children in refugee camps with great support from OJAD Dornbirn. Many people, including well-known artists from Vorarlberg, took part in the protest camp entitled “Jetzt schlägt’s 13!”.


With these 24-hour protests, we set a sign of solidarity together with like-minded people and helpers. We want to shake things up, draw attention – we want to record what is forgotten every day. We no longer want to sit at home and watch children’s and human rights being violated in refugee camps! We don’t want to use the camps to illustrate the conditions or the experiences of the people on the ground. We are setting up tents to stand as symbols. We as a society must no longer look the other way. Children’s rights must be guaranteed for every child!


During the protests, we refer in particular to the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child. Political leaders have committed themselves to alleviating the suffering of children caused by war or natural disasters. We therefore demand that children in refugee camps worldwide must be better cared for. They must be given a real chance of a safe home and real prospects for the future that will take them out of the isolation of flight. This requires swift action to safeguard children’s rights and human rights.


Youth Ambassador Conrad remembers the roll call on Sunday morning after a night in the tent in the pouring rain:

We saw the rainy tents, felt the cold and the wet. But we knew that we would be back home in an hour, preferably with a hot shower and a hot chocolate. a hot chocolate. These thousands of people in refugee camps can't do that. not. This is the reality for them. Every day. For years. And that's why this weekend on the market square.


Youth Ambassador


Press reports

Wann & Wo, 25.06.2023

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