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We Youth Ambassadors for UN Children’s Rights and SDGs develop and manage our own projects in the country and internationally.

Current projects in the Ländle



The animal world has finally had enough!
They no longer want to stand by and watch humans destroy their habitats.
That’s why the animals are holding a conference to save their ecosystems.
They meet to consider together what possibilities there are to take action against the miserable conditions in the world.
Join the animals at this important conference!


The largest lesson of the world

We are surrounded by warnings that could not be clearer! Bees and butterflies are dying out… glaciers are melting and algae are blooming… some people are dying from the consequences of obesity, while countless others are starving… climate change, wars, waves of refugees – these are all warnings that could not be any clearer! The UN’s Global Goals for Sustainable Development are intended to shake us people from civil society awake so that the next generations will also find a planet worth living on! But to achieve this, you first have to understand these 17 goals, which are subordinated to 169 additional sub-goals!

The Youth Ambassadors for UN Children’s Rights & SDGs have set themselves the task of raising awareness of the Sustainable Development Goals in a variety of ways. The call here applies in particular to their own and future generations.

The contents of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) are presented and explained in a versatile and visually appealing way using 10 cuboids (1x1x2m).

Past projects in the Ländle


Drastic Plastic

Drastic Plastic is a project by the youth ambassadors of Caritas International Aid Vorarlberg. The aim of the project is to ban PET bottles from schools and replace them with reusable glass bottles from regional suppliers. Workshops and the school-related “PET Parade” event not only draw attention to the plastic problem, but also to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), which are inextricably linked to this issue. Pupils and teachers are given an understanding of the importance of the SDGs and shown that each and every one of them can make a commitment to the SDGs. The project is implemented 100% by young people between the ages of 15 and 22 and shows how young people are committed to their sustainable future.


Too tall to overlook

With our three-meter tall children’s rights figures, we present the rights of the little ones in a huge way and want to ensure that they are seen and not forgotten.

The figures have already been exhibited many times. Our highlights include exhibitions at the Parliament in Vienna and at the United Nations in Vienna and Geneva. In the course of these presentations, we had the opportunity to discuss children’s rights with the Federal President and talk about their importance.


Solve it

This musical explains the problems we are currently facing in our world. It is a gripping story about our future, which is already lost today if we don’t change things together. “Solve it” – Time is running” won the “Action Days Austria” in 2018 and was thus also presented at the annual HLPF (High Level Political Forum) at the UN in New York.

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